And the Award Goes to…..

Dr. Martin Nedbal to receive The William Holmes/Frank D’Accone Endowment Award

Martin Nedbal

Dr. Martin Nedbal

Eligible applicants submitted a statement of up to 1,000 words describing the research topic, a research plan, projected itinerary, and institutions where research would occur.  Dr. Nedbal will be taking a archival-research trip to Vienna this June to study the manuscript sources associated with early nineteenth-century German-language productions of Mozart’s Da Ponte operas at the Viennese Court-Theater.

The endowment is named for two music historians of the early modern period from the University of California.    William Holmes, a scholar of 17th-century music, edited and wrote about operas by Cesti and Scarlatti before turning to the works of Verdi.  Frank A. D’Accone served as chair of the Departments of Music and Musicology at UCLA.  He has published extensively on Renaissance music in Tuscany and had edited and written about Scarlatti’s first opera.  The endowment was established by Frank D’Accone in memory of Bill Holmes. For more information about this award, you may visit