Notes from the Underground album review

Did you know that tuba music could be impressive and beautiful at the same time?  Well, maybe you did.  But I didn’t.  Dr. Benjamin Pierce, a friend of mine at the University of Arkansas Department of Music, recently gave me a copy of his newest album, Notes from the Underground.  I found myself listening to the CD last weekend in my kitchen while I was in the middle of a therapeutic cooking session.  The minute I found myself “conducting” the imaginary performers sitting in my dining room, I knew this was a great piece of work!

In the words of my friend and colleague, I think Rachel Collins describes the album best:  “This eclectic collection of new and old favorites featuring an engaging combination of instruments is a wonderful addition to any classical collection.  While lively selections such as Peter Christoskov’s Moto Perpetuo, op. 2, arranged by Dr. Pierce, and Elena Lebedeva’s Insects, Grasshopper keep us aptly entertained, the more somber pieces like the title track Notes from the Underground by Rober Mueller show the emotional depths the tuba and euphonium are able to travel.”

Dr. Pierce is no novice to recording wonderful music, and neither is Kristy Mezines, the very talented pianist featured on this album.  Notes from the Underground, Dr. Pierce’s fourth album release, is now available for purchase.  You can find this album on his website:  Now that I’ve heard this album, I may just have to see about getting my hands on his other projects.  And you should, too!